Class Teacher for Primary school

The European School Karlsruhe (Germany) is looking for:
1 Class Teacher for Primary school with fixed-term contract (app. 24 hours a week)
for the Anglophone section

From September 1st, 2022
For the school year 2022-2023 (i.e. until August 31, 2022) with a possibility to be extended

An English-speaking class teacher is recruited as of September 1st 2022 in the primary cycle
of the European School Karlsruhe.

Profile :
• The candidate will possess a Bachelor of Education (Primary) or a Postgraduate Diploma in
Teaching and Learning (Primary)
• Proven teaching experience for children at primary level (Age 5-11).
• The candidate will be a native English speaker (mother tongue or C2).
• Qualifications to teach English as foreign language will be considered an asset.
• Knowledge of at least one of the other working languages of the school (French, German)
are an asset.
• The candidate will be motivated to work in a team together with the teachers of the section
and of other language sections.
• The candidate will have knowledge of the European School system and be motivated to
work in a multilingual and multicultural environment.
• The candidate will have a strong sense of responsibility and an impeccable personal
• The candidate has to be a EU citizen or be in possession of an authorisation to work in
Germany at the time of application.
• The candidate must be at ease with children.
• The candidate must have good communication skills.

We offer:
• An open end contract (CDI) as of September 1st 2022 in accordance with the Service
regulations for the locally recruited teachers in the European Schools:
• Monthly gross salary: 4.034€ per month (173.00€/ month for one hour of teaching a week in
Primary classes; Removal costs (art. 37): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a minimum period of one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week shall, as provided in
Article 59 and Article 62 of the Regulations for Seconded Staff Members of the European
Schools, be entitled to reimbursement of the expenses caused by the removal to the place
of the school (…)”;
• Installation allowance (art. 37bis): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a minimum
period of one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week who
furnishes evidence of having been obliged to change his/her place of residence and of
having actually settled at his/her place of employment (…) shall be entitled (a) to an
installation allowance (…)”.

Recruitment Procedure:
• The applications have to be sent via e-mail ONLY to the following addresses: and before 23 June 2022.
• A letter of motivation, a detailed curriculum vitae (if possible in „Europass“ format), a copy
of the university degree and, if applicable, a valid authorisation to work in Germany for nonEU nationals, must be attached to the application. All documents uploaded must be in .pdf
• Incomplete applications, sent by post or after the deadline will not be taken into account.
• No reply will be given to candidates before the end of the procedure.
• Candidates who haven’t received any answer by 24 June should consider that their
application has been unsuccessful.
• Those interested in this position who do not have the required profile are kindly requested
to refrain from applying.
• The interviews will be conducted online end of June and beginning of July 2022.
Please note that all personal data will be stored electronically, while respecting privacy laws.
Candidates, who don’t wish us to keep their data, are kindly requested to inform us.
The successful candidate will be working under the authority of the Director of the European School,
in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment, in a school with an outstanding academic record.
Detailed information about our school can be found on the website of the European School
The European Schools are official educational establishments controlled jointly by the governments
of the Member States of the European Union. In all these countries they are legally regarded as
public institutions. There are currently 13 European Schools in 6 countries. Information, also
concerning employment conditions is on the Official website of the European Schools.
The European School of Karlsruhe is located in one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. The city
of Karlsruhe is located between Baden-Baden and Heidelberg, very close to the French border.
Karlsruhe has a lively cultural landscape coupled with parks, lakes and woods. As one of the warmest
cities in Germany it is a perfect place for hiking in the Black Forest, cycling along the Rhine, visiting
the Alsace or following the German Wine Route.


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