ESK will be closed to pupils from March, 16th until May, 03rd 2020

Dear parents, dear colleagues,

The state of Baden-Württemberg today decided to close schools until the Easter holidays.,Lde/Startseite/Ablage+Einzelseiten+gemischte+Themen/Coronavirus

With regard to the communication from the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools (2020-03-LD-17) stipulating that “In case national authorities of the hosting Member State do foresee stricter rules for national educational institutions, these rules shall also be applied by the European Schools”, I would like to inform you of the following point:

the Karlsruhe ES will be closed to pupils from Monday 16 March until May, 03rd

I thank you for your support and cooperation and ask you to consult regularly the communications of the deputy directors and teachers of our school concerning the measures taken to ensure pedagogical continuity.

Daniel Gassner – Director