What makes us unique?

The European Schools curriculum is unique

It combines modern approaches to education across Europe based on the eight key competences for lifelong learning.

Our international education curriculum is recognised throughout the European Union as equivalent to the national systems. This makes it easy for pupils to transfer in and out at any stage of their education.

In the European School Karlsruhe, the curriculum is delivered in three different language sections: English, French and German. Highly qualified teachers are seconded by their national authorities or recruited locally to work in our school. Tuition can be given in 15 different languages to pupils coming from more than 50 different countries. (For detailed information about the programmes in the European School Karlsruhe, and in all the European Schools, please visit the website www.eursc.eu and click on “Studies and Certificates”).
The European education in our school is mainly characterised by:

  • A strong multilingual education.
  • Teachers coming from more than 15 different countries.
  • A high-quality tuition and a high level in languages, mathematics and science as well as the arts.
  • Many services for the pupils (school nurse, school psychologist, educational advisers, career advisers,etc).
  • Partnerships and exchanges with different schools in Europe.
  • The possibility to organise individual learning and educational support in consultation with the pupils’ teachers.
  • Permanent dialogue between parents and school.
  • Organisation of after school or extracurricular activities on the School’s premises.
  • A green campus with numerous playgrounds and sports facilities.
  • A security team.