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1. Structure of the European School Karlsruhe

The mission of the European Schools is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for nursery, primary and secondary level pupils.

The European School system consists of two years of early education (nursery cycle), five years of primary and seven years of secondary education.

Classes take place in the mother tongue – in three language sections – from Nursery through Primary to Secondary culminating in graduation with the European Baccalaureate, internationally recognised and allowing worldwide opportunities to study.

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  • Nursery

    Pupils are admitted to the nursery school at the beginning of the school year in September of the calendar year in which the child reaches four years of age.

    The teachers are professionally trained, and lessons are curriculum based.

    Children from different countries and with various languages learn and play together. Outdoor facilities with play hills and a children’s village contribute to a feel good atmosphere and encourages roleplay in various languages. “European hours” with different activities are carried out here. Through the multicultural atmosphere children can benefit in the following areas:

    – Creative learning through art and craft, theatre and language games, music and dance.
    – Learning through research: nature studies and societies.
    – Playful creation and the promotion of linguistic, mathematical and motor skills.
    – Strengthening of the social, ethical and emotional development of children.

  • Primary

    To be admitted to first year of the primary school children must have turned six before the end of the calendar year in which they are enroled.
    After the playful pre-school years the main focus in primary school is on the education of the mother tongue language, mathematics and the first foreign language. Classes are lively and offer the necessary variety through art and music. They become more interesting with the discovery of the world, religion and morality.

    With qualified teachers and sufficient space it offers a modern, integrated and high quality education. The school day is child-oriented and many team-oriented, open teaching learning methods are used. Such conditions guarantee for optimal child oriented learning.

    Some features:

    – Multilingual learning and Europe at firsthand experience.
    – Primary school library with professional staff and books in several languages.
    – Laboratory and school canteen.
    – School garden – planting, maintaining, observing.
    – Bicycle station.
    – School programmes: Special Educational Needs, learning support-best individual care for every pupil.
    – Integrated educational values: to be able to cope in the community, having responsibility and feeling comfortable.
    – Sports orientated annual school trips, from class 1 to 5, e.g. hiking, canoeing, skiing.
    – Joint lunch in the canteen.

  • Secondary

    The final stage before the European Baccalaureate.

    The pupils are admitted to the secondary school after the primary school level or after having completed an equivalent education duly certified by another school.

    The secondary school cycle comprises seven years and ends, after twelve years of schooling´ with the European Baccalaureate. The pupils are usually in the school from 8.05 am to 3.40 pm. The holistic education in the secondary school of the European School Karlsruhe, includes excursions, trips and internships. Two study trips in the 3rd and 6th class complete the educational concept. The pupils have 3 guidance and careers´ advisers who serve to promote individual skills for each pupils. The goal of secondary school education at the European School Karlsruhe is a broad knowledge in the linguistic, musical, mathematical, and scientific areas, which, according to their individual talents and interests provides optimal development. Many subjects are taught in foreign languages.

2. Admissions Criteria and Fees