Welcome to the Primary school

For all parents, choosing the right school for their children is not an easy decision.

The European School Karlsruhe (ESK) is an international educational institution (from kindergarten to the European Baccalaureate) and welcomes many families from Karlsruhe, all over Baden-Württemberg and the neighboring federal states every year.

Taking into account their potential and the interest of each individual child the European School promotes linguistic, mathematical, scientific and creative skills. An extensive learning network that benefits children in the ESK ensures that every child receives the motivation needed during the formative years of his development.

Promoting young talents!

  • - 3 main language sections: German, English, French and almost all EU languages (mother tongues)
  • - Language teaching by qualified native speaker to encourage enthusiasm for other languages.
  • - A 10 hectares campus equipped with numerous playgrounds, sports facilities and a canteen creating a feel-good atmosphere
  • - On-site learning support
  • - Own bus and tram lines (Karlsruhe and surroundings)
  • - Afterschool-care on site
  • - A wide range of extra-school- activities on site (sports, language clubs, art and much more ..)
  • - Smooth transition to high school / secondary school

What's going on in the primary section

Our latest project

European Day of Languages: Multilingual Song

SWALS PROJECT: We live in the age of the climate crisis. Our planet is ringing the alarm bell and we have to listen! We unite our voices and languages...

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How to enroll?

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Upcoming dates

P2-Stufe: Spiele zum Thema Messen / Games – measuring / Jeux sur la mesure, 13 Uhr
Gewaltprävention: 8 Uhr P3Da, 10 Uhr P3Db
Stufe P2: Weihnachtsbasteln, Dezemberkonzert / Christmas crafts, December concert / Bricolages de Noël, concert de décembre P1+P2
Dezemberkonzert / December concert / Concert de décembre P3, P4, P5