Educational support

The school provides different forms and levels of support, designed to ensure appropriate help for pupils experiencing difficulties and having special educational needs at any point in their school career, to allow them to develop and progress according to their potential and to be successfully integrated.

The following documents show how the European Schools take these children’s special circumstances into account:

Policy on the Provision of Educational Support in the European Schools –2012-05-D-15-en-13

ESK Internal Policy on the Provision of Educational Support

Requests for special arrangements

Requests for special arrangements for the Baccalaureate must be made by October,15th of the year preceeding entry into the Baccalaureate cycle, i.e. S5.

A written request for special arrangements in S6 and S7 will be made to the support coordinator by either a teacher or teachers or by the pupil’s legal representatives.

The application must state precisely on which specialist’s diagnosis the request is based. The application must also state precisely which special arrangements are being requested. An updated – dating back not more than two years – medical/ psychological and/or a multidisciplinary report (see 4.4. of Ref.: 2012-05-D-en-8 or see the support coordinator for details) explaining the need for special arrangements is required.

Please note that, normally, special arrangements in years S6 and S7 will be allowed only when similar arrangements have been used in a previous year or previous years. This does not necessarily apply to newly enroled pupils in S6.

For more detailed information please refer to the following documentation: