Activities from the Maths‘ Department on the European Day of Languages:

Mr. Boothroyd and Mrs. Baumstark swapped teaching groups:
S7DEAM5 was with Mr. Boothroyd and S7ENAM5 was taught by Mrs. Baumstark.
The students in the respective group had to work on questions on complex numbers and then explain their thinking and solution to their peers in their L2/L3.


Mr. Boothroyd worked with S1ENA on points of a compass and labelled it in many European Languages:


Mrs Baumstark played a game with S5DEAM6 and Mrs. Quitsch played the same game with S2L1DEB. The game was provided by Mr. Rowlands. The students had to spot numbers and Maths related expressions in different foreign languages:

Journée européenne des langues

S4frma6 FREY

Enigmes mathématiques à résoudre en L2 ou L3

basées sur l’épreuve « Mathématiques sans frontières »

Ms. Pérez León prepared a few exercises in different languages (Spanish, French and Italian) for S5DEMA4. The students learned the mathematical vocabulary in the other languages for solving these exercises.

Ms Henn created an online game. S2 Maths students enjoyed a game of numbers and school related words in multiple languages. It was a game changer, as even students who are usually quiet and reserved joined in actively and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.