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2. Admissions criteria and fees

Basic Principles

The European Schools were set up to provide education primarily for the children of employees of EU Institutions.

Pupils from other backgrounds can apply and are admitted on a case-by-case basis.

The European School in Kalrsruhe welcomes a wide variety of pupils from all backgrounds and cultures, and actively encourages applications from all families, regardless whether they work for a European Institution.

Admission Requirements

All children are eligible to apply to the European School.

According to their situation, pupils can be admitted as Category I, II or III. The eligibility rules vary depending on the Category.

Below is a summary of the different cases. More information can be found on the European Schools website.

Priority in admissions is given to children from Category I, followed by Category II and finally Category III. Consideration is also given to children who already have a sibling at the school.


The following pupils are eligible as Category I admission:

– Children of staff in the service of European Community Institutions for a minimum of one year.
A full list of eligible institutions is available here.


Pupils covered by individual agreements or decisions, each entailing specific rights and obligations for the pupils concerned, particularly as regards school fees.

The following pupils are eligible for Category II admission:

– Children of parents who work for a corporation or business that has signed an agreement with the European School of Karlsuhe.
This can include multinational organizations, corporations and staff who are on placement away from their home country in Karlsruhe

Families may choose to sign an agreement with the European School Karlsruhe in order for their children to be admitted via Category II.


The number of places available in Category III is limited, and these places are allocated after places in Categories I and II have been filled.

Other pupils may apply. The ordinary school fees fixed by the Board of Governors would be payable for these pupils. These pupils would be admitted to the European Schools in so far as places are available, in accordance with the official order of priority.

Please note the admission regulations for category III pupils:

Decisions on admissions in category III, as allowed by the regulations, are taken by the Director, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the General Rules of the European Schools.

In admitting such pupils, the Director must ensure that enough places are kept free in each class to allow a reasonable number of children coming into categories I and II to be admitted during the year without this leading to a class having to be divided

Tuition Fees

School fees applicable to Catego​ry 2 and 3 are fixed by the Board of Governors of the European Schools. The standard fees may vary slightly from school to school. The fees for all the European Schools are available on the European Schools website

Up-to-date information on fees may be obtained from the school.

3. Contacting and visiting the ESK

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