Back from the boarding school!

Hi, my name is Sophie I’m 14 years old and from September to March I have been living in a boarding school called  Kimbolton located in Cambridgeshire, England. It was very hard to fit in at the start but eventually, I did.  We wore  uniforms every day to school, the girls; a white shirt, a plain grey skirt up to the knees, black tights, black leather shoes and of course a striped purple/white blazer. The boys wore black trousers, a white shirt, a tie, the leather shoes and the blazer. I really fancied the uniform. The boarding house was not placed in school, it was on the nearby street, it only took us about 2 minutes to get to school. I was in a room of 4, so with 3 other girls that were new to the school as well. The boarding house to me felt like home as it was very comfy and fun. In the girls boarding there were only about 30 girls living, and in the boys boarding house (we had separate houses) also about the same number. There were about 1000 students at Kimbolton (secondary school). We had a lot of sports, art, engineering and even cooking classes which I absolutely adored. The work was definitely harder there, especially because they are more strict. I overall enjoyed my experience at Kimbolton and I’m sure others would enjoy it as well. I had a lot of fun and made some friends for life, this was definitely worth it. I do miss Kimbolton but I’m am extremely happy to be back in the ESK :).