Die S6 L2 besucht am 8.2. im Badischen Staatstheater das Hörspiel von Ingeborg Bachmann: Der gute Gott von Manhatten.

We have the opportunity to attend the theatre performance with our S6 German L2 course on 8.02.23 at 11.00 am: Ingeborg Bachmann: “The Good God of Manhattan” at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. We read this radio play as part of our lessons. 
The accompanying reading by the author Bettina Storcks of her novel: “The Poetry of Love” will take place on 16.02. from 14.00-15.45 in the Learning Centre of our school. 
This is an exciting opportunity for our students to practice their language skills and gives them the chance to experience literature in an experiential way.