ESK-Burundi Project 2018 at a glance

At the ESK we actively support the Burundikids project and would like thank you all for your support!

Annual Sponsored Run 1st June 2018

About 200 pupils from 5th year primary and 1st, 2nd and 3rd year secondary classes participated in the sponsored run. Over €8000 was raised by the children with the support of the whole school community. Mr Philipp Ziser, our direct contact with “Burundi Kids”,  gave a presentation about our partner school to the P5 classes and cheered them on at the starting line.

Burundi Stand on Open Day (March) and at the Sommerfest (June)

As in previous years, quality items which were handmade in Burundi were sold at both events.

Greeting Box to our partner school (Ecole Polyvalente Carolus Magnus)

In November 2018, pupils in the religion and ethics classes filled a large box with school and play items and personal messages which was sent to EPCM.  This is only possible thanks to the generous support given by our school community, thank you. As in previous years, such items are given as rewards on prize giving day and ESK children look forward to replies from Burundian children.

Burundian coffee branded as “Fächerstadt Kaffee”, an initiative by the city of Karlsruhe to support Burundian producers, is on sale at ESK (contact person Ms Nassira Schandruk).