Lessons suspended in situ from 16th March up to 03rd May 2020

Dear parents, dear colleagues, dear students,

I am forwarding you this message from the Secretary General of the ES, Mr. Marcheggiano, who informs us that lessons “in situ” will remain suspended up to 3rd May inclusive:

School management and teachers, after the Easter time holidays, will go on providing distance education, using distance communication tools. Parents/Legal representatives of pupils are invited to support pupils’ efforts at home.”

As a result, our school’s premises will remain closed to students, parents and visitors for the same period of time. A message from the Deputy Directors, Ms Santos and Mr Stie, will inform you in the coming days of the adjustments that we will be introducing in our distance education organization to make it even more efficient and coherent. In mid-April, the Board of Governors of the European Schools will also take decisions concerning the organisation of the Bac 2020. These will be communicated to you immediately after the decision.

I thank you all for the incredible efforts you have made over the past two weeks to adapt to this new situation and for the spirit of solidarity, unity and mutual support that prevails in our school.

In spite of the circumstances, I wish you all, as much as possible, a peaceful and relaxing Easter holiday.

Daniel Gassner – Director

Communication on Covid