London trip 28-30th November 2019

The S5 L2 English class went to London accompanied by Mrs Thomson and Mrs Maguire. We went to the British capital to see two plays. These were Texts we had read and studied in class.

On Thursday 28th of November, we took the plane from Baden Baden Airport to Stansted Airport. We used the tube to get to our hotel which was nearby the London Eye. As a suprise our teachers had organised a ride on the iconic attraction, it was very much appreciated as we got beautiful pictures of the London’s view.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, checked in and got ourselves ready for the theatre. We walked to the Fortune Theatre in the west end of London where we saw a representation of ‘The Woman in Black’. This play was brilliant as it managed to frighten us thoroughly!

The next day, after a delicious English breakfast, we visited the London Dungeons. It was a very interesting and fun experience, as we were transported to different eras of London.   Thank you to the Parents Assocation of the ESK for funding the London Dungeon.

We were then allowed some free time in the city for a few hours and met up at a tasty burger restaurant. That evening we saw ‘An Inspector Calls’, which had us discussing the different meanings of the set and play.

The next morning, we packed up and checked out. A flight back to Baden Baden airport and a bus trip to school later and it was the end of a great trip.

by Mathilde and Emilie Needham 5F