Model European Council 2022

The Model European Council (MEC) is an annual event that brings European Schools together for a role-playing simulation of a European Council conference. Many interesting discussions regarding climate change, gender equality, foreign affairs and more take place at a set location, which is decided upon every year, with equal opportunities for all countries in the EU to participate. 5 members are selected to represent one country, and each of these 5 members represent one council, the councils being: Council 1 (The European Council), Council 2 (General & Foreign Affairs), Council 3 (Economic & Financial Affairs), Council 4 (Justice & Home Affairs) and Council 5 (Environment & Energy). Not only are there teams of 5 representing EU countries; there are also the Press Teams and the Media Teams, who carry out their respective roles during this event as well (e.g. Press Team – writing newspaper articles regarding discussions that were carried out etc. + Media Team – managing social media accounts etc.). These conferences seem to get better and better, as new, interesting proposals are brought up each year to discuss with EU member states!

This year, our school (ESK) is representing Germany and Ireland, as well as the Media Team. The Media Team has opened up and is managing an Instagram account (@mecmunich2022), so make sure to follow it for further updates!

We wish all our students the best to make this year’s MEC a success once again!