Erasmus Trip:


Three students of our school who were participating in the Erasmus project were chosen to help in the production of the very first Erasmus newspaper. To do this, we took off from Germany the 10th of mars in a plain to reach London. Our first weekend there, we visited central London and many important buildings. We even took a sightseeing bus to truly experience London’s historical wonders. For example, we visited Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the Queen wasn’t there to host us. The first week day, we went to Nottingham and Ealing high school (who are one of the 5 schools participating in Erasmus). There, we also met the chosen students from France, Bulgaria, and Sweden. We started off our day with an assembly and we were glad to have attended. Right after this, we were given a tour of the school and definitely felt welcome. The highlights of our tour included: the school pool, the fingerprint paying system and of course, the free Wi-Fi. Even after a tour our favorite remained the assembly. Following our tour we were given another tour, but rather than a place, we were shown InDesign. This was a handy program for newspapers and just like that, our working week begun. In only 3 days, we were to finish making the first Erasmus newspaper. Thanks to team work and determination we managed to meet our dead line. Thursday morning, we got to watch our paper printed ourselves. It was interesting and impressive and we were all proud of our work. That afternoon, we attended our second lesson and despite being about 765 kilometers away from our normal lessons, our lessons were essentially the same. Friday, we paid a visit to the road famous for its history with newspapers; it was even where the first were sold in front of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. We then spent our last hours together on a guided tour throughout the British museum. When it finished, we were all sad that we had to say goodbye but we did it nevertheless. However, our goodbyes were not permanent ones, as our adventure continues in May, but this time here in Germany!