MEC 2018

From March 7th to 11th, 11 students from the European School of Karlsruhe had the honour of representing the school at the Model European Council (MEC) 2018. MEC is a simulation of the European Council, in which students from all European Schools represent the delegations of EU member states and discuss and debate about current affairs in five different councils. These are: General and Foreign Affairs, Economic and Financial Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, Environment and Energy, and the European Council. This year, we represented Sweden and Ireland. A lot of hard work was put into the preparation for MEC and many interesting discussions were held. Mr Starost (English, EFL, Philosophy teacher )and Mrs Starost (Economics, Human Sciences teacher) were responsible for the preparation and the participation of the group in MEC.

This year, MEC was hosted by the European School of Alicante. Our delegations were successful in the debates and were able to bring several important points across. MEC 2018 was a very valuable experience for everyone involved and enabled the students to develop various skills, especially academically. It provided a great insight into European politics and aroused the interest of everyone involved. We learned that many compromises must be made in politics.