Trip to Tuscany

Our first stop was in Pisa, where we clambered up the leaning tower, and then we examined the mighty cathedral from inside. Next we got some time to roam around the town in groups. Later we got some time to go back on the beach.

In Lucca we were asked to visit various stations in groups throughout the beautiful city and to take notes and selfies showing the location in the background. It was fun especially when we dined in a pizzeria afterwards. After that we went to the beach again.

When we arrived in Florence and crossed the famous river Arno, covered with jewellery shops to make our way into the city. We visited a bronze statue of a boar on the way. We examined David by Michael Angelo and we had some ice-cream afterwards.

The hiking in Cinque Terre was exhausting, but once you were at the top of the mountain you immediately knew that the struggle was worth it. It’s something you need to have experienced and the view was beautiful. We went to the beach later and had ice-cream.

We learned a lot about Tuscany that week for example the Architecture and art and even food. We had a lot of fun exploring areas by ourselves and with friends and we were very independent. To summarise it, our trip was a once in a life-time experience.

by Nikolaus Schierle 3E