Visit to SAP

Last Thursday, on the second of May two of Mrs. Starost economics classes went on a school trip to visit a parent’s work space. This time they went to SAP, were they discovered virtual and augmented reality and the history of SAP in the Pavillion, the type of software SAP develops and how the company interacts with clients in the Immersive Experience. They also got to visit the site, which contains many buildings and services especially the great canteen in the Star Buildings and even a hairdressers!!! It really looks like an amazing place to work with gyms and lots of activities available such as volley ball, yoga and tennis courts.

This was a very interesting experience for me as I also learned how to study or have an internship with SAP and the different types of jobs that are available. This was presented by a pair of recent graduates who are working in the HR department. I didn’t realize that a software company offers many different types of jobs, not only for software developers but also for legal, accountancy, sales, marketing and other opportunities.

Thanks to Stuart Short (SAP) and Angela Starost (European School) for having organized the visit.

Leila 6F