WE LOVE READING: The Reading Challenge

During the summer holidays the children from Kindergarten to P5 joined the Reading Challenge.  Some children read at home, some in the car on their way to their holiday in the sun, or at their grandparents’ house.  They read in bed, in the garden, at the swimming pool, under the kitchen table or behind the sofa.  They read when it was sunny, when it was raining, when it was windy or just plain dull outside.

Not only did they read lots of books, they followed up the reading with reading activities.  All the work was inspired by the books and was carried out in a variety of creative styles.

A huge WELL DONE! to everyone who took part. All participants received a bookmark and a certificate.  Those who impressed their teachers the most received a book for their efforts.

Here are the winners from each class and some of the participants.