Comic Book By 4-5 E- Project Week

During Project Week, classes 4E and 5E worked together to explore, cook and taste food from “Our Wonderful World”.  We looked at typical dishes from China, Mexico, Hungary, Germany, England and many countries in Asia.  The children created Fact Files by researching the origins, production and uses of a variety of staple and luxury ingredients.  We had great fun cutting, chopping, peeling, slicing and grating fresh food, as well as measuring, weighing, mixing and kneading both dry and liquid ingredients.  Kitchen skills were improved, and the adults had never seen so many children eager to wipe down tables, wash and dry pots, and generally clear up after themselves.  Of course, the best bit was the tasting.  The majority enjoyed both making and eating the Mexican meal of guacamole, salsa and quesadillas most of all, with the Hungarian Chocolate Truffles coming a close second.

After the cooking, 3 Comic books were produced/written by our students … One of them you can read right here: