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Guidelines at Primary ESK

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Social Climate

Educational Support

The school provides different forms and levels of support, designed to ensure appropriate help for pupils experiencing difficulties and having special educational needs at any point in their school career, to allow them to develop and progress according to their potential and to be successfully integrated.

The following documents show how the European Schools take these children’s special circumstances into account:

Policy on the Provision of Educational Support in the European Schools –2012-05-D-15-en-13

ESK Internal Policy on the Provision of Educational Support

Communication at Primary ESK

School Philosophy

The European School of Karlsruhe endeavours to form a close partnership with all members of the school community and offers a high standard of education. Communication and transparency form the basis of our school ethos. When there are issues that need to be resolved, engaging in constructive dialogue will enable questions to be answered and a feeling of satisfaction to be restored to pupils, parents and/or staff. Our aim is to achieve a tolerant and respectful atmosphere in which our differences can also be seen as one of our greatest assets.

Where can I find general information about the school?

How do I make contact with the teachers?

  • Parents evenings (twice a year)
  • Individual appointment during designated consultation time
  • Email or letter
  • Individual appointment either inside, or outside, of school hours. Please arrange this with the teacher concerned.

How do I make contact with the director of the nursery & primary schools?