Aims and Principles

Our Kindergarten Aims and Principles

The first child years are the formative years. Everything they learn at this time is of great importance for their future development.

The aim of the Kindergarten is to lay a secure foundation for future learning and development.

Individual needs and interests of the children are taken into account and are used as a basis for future planning.

We believe that Early Education should

  • prepare children for a happy, healthy, responsible, and successful life.
  • develop children’s personalities and capacities.
  • support children’s learning potential.
  • build up respect for others and the environment.
  • respect and appreciate children’s own cultural and social identity, its values and those of others.
  • promote a European spirit.

In order to accomplish this we plan a holistic curriculum based on the Early Education Curriculum of the European Schools. Please visit the nursery Curriculum page of our school website or click on the link below for further information.