Nursery Staff

There are currently 4 classes in the Kindergarten Department with a dedicated team of native speaker teachers and assistants who provide the children in their care with a wide range of learning experiences in a stimulating and supportive environment. Each year the Kindergarten welcomes 3 young people completing their FSJ year. The FSJs work with the team in all language sections.

Mr. Holger KloseDeputy Director-Kindergarten and (0) 721 6800915
Ms. Amanda WilsonAssistant Deputy Director-Kindergarten and Primary 721 6800943
Ms. Marie (0) 721 6800915

Class Distribution – Schoolyear 2021/2022

Nursery, German sectionMrs. Toalster/Mrs. Hofheinzandrea.toalster@teacher.eursc.euRoom 027 A
Nursery, German sectionMrs. Barbiera/Mrs. Demuyncktamara.barbiera@teacher.eursc.euContainer
Nursery, English sectionMrs. Johnson/Mrs. Taylorrebecca.johnson@teacher.eursc.euRoom 029 A
Nursery, French sectionMrs. Biguenet/Mrs. de Monneronjeanine.biguenet@teacher.eursc.euRoom 025 A


Please inform the class teacher of your kindergarten child’s absence by e-mail before 8.30 am.