In this course, the children carry out a set of experiments which are fun to do, but which also allow them to learn how science works from studying the results of experiments. The emphasis is on encouraging discussion and new ideas.

The course is hosted by two KIT scientists, Daniela Vallone and Nicholas Foulkes and is based on their successful “labor projekt” that for the last 15 years has formed part of the “Discovery of the World” activities for all 5 year groups in the ESK Grundschule. However, the longer time-frame of the Challenge program makes it possible to work on more ambitious and exciting projects. We organize the lessons into collections of experiments that over the course of several weeks explore important themes and concepts, for example, what makes the colours in leaves and flowers, what seeds need to grow and investigating which germs and microbes surround us at all times. 


Project leaders: Nicholas Simon Foulkes, Daniela Vallone