About RobotinX

“RobotinX” is a specially designed Robotics program to provide more real-world and mathematical challenges in a fun-filled manner, this helps in accelerated learning and also feeds the curiosity for high-ability kids.

Nurturing Special Talent

STEM/MINT education plays a key role in staying in-touch with the latest developments in industry.

  • Gifted Education strategies makes a meaningful difference for high-ability kids
  • Our approach:
  • Accelerate learning to strengthen basics
  • Compact content to avoid repetition of topics
  • Group children with similar abilities
  • Provide hand-picked challenges to cater to the skill level and interest of children rather than “one-size-fits-all”
  • Prepare the children to participate and represent the school at Robotic competition

Programme Agenda

  • Start with basics programming concepts and simple challenges
  • Maze solving, decision making, recognize patterns in tasks and automate
  • Use a simple programmable microcontroller: BBC Micro:bit (
  • Learn about various sensors – light/temperature/gesture/compass
  • Use an entry-level Robot kit: DF Robot’s Micro: Maqueen Robot
  • Learn to handle movement, object/obstacle sensing and avoiding
  • Learn to follow line and perform simple tasks
  • Running simulated robotics competitions to gear up to real competitions

Our Motto

  • Have fun while learning – keeps you coming back for more