European Baccalaureate

Information about the European Baccalaureate

The Arrangements for implementing the Regulations for the European Baccalaureate can be downloaded here:

The Guide for European Baccalaureate Candidates can be downloaded here:

General Information

Timetables of B-Tests, PreBAC and BAC examinations

The timetables of B-Tests, PreBAC examinations, written and oral BAC examinations can be downloaded here:

Choices of Examinations Baccalaureate

Below you can download the form for the choices of examination:

Other useful information about the European Baccalaureate

Information for admissions officers of universities and other higher education providers
(October 2020):

Information on the European Baccalaureate

Equivalence between the European baccalaureate and the national upper secondary leaving certificate of national schools and admission of European baccalaureate-holders to universities in the member countries


Definition of the “deutsche Durchschnittsnote”:

Die deutsche Durchschnittsnote