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The careers guidance

The two objectives of the European Schools are to provide all pupils with a formal education and to encourage their personal development in a wider social and cultural context. Formal education involves the acquisition of key competences – knowledge, skills and attitudes across a range of domains. Within this framework, the Careers Guidance programme develops the specific key competences required to facilitate the future participation of each pupil in the wider world of work.

Careers Guidance activities aim principally to assist the pupils to evaluate their individual strengths, weaknesses, abilities and interests and to enable them to take responsibility for their own future by researching, selecting, processing and evaluating information relevant to their choices for future studies and professions.

The pupils participate in various activities in order to achieve these objectives. The pupils in the 5th Year undertake a two-week work experience in order to raise their awareness of the world of work. They also develop their decision-making skills and are informed of, and assisted with, their option choices for the 6th and 7th Years. Additionally they consider the effect of their choices on the final examinations for the European Baccalaureate and on their future possibilities in Higher Education.

The pupils in the 6th Year intensify their research of their future choices for Higher Education. Finally the pupils in the 7th Year are informed of, and guided through, the procedures for applications to Higher Education institutions, taking into account the implications of their choices for future career possibilities.


The option forms for the secondary classes of the European School Karlsruhe can be downloaded here:

Careers guidance:

Mr. Luis Escarate-LopezCareers Adviser, German sectionluis-maximiliano.escarate-lopez@teacher.eursc.er

Mr. Anthony BoothroydCareers Adviser, English Sectionanthony.boothroyd@teacher.eursc.eu
Mr. Philippe de MonneronCareers Adviser, French sectionphilippe.de-monneron@teacher.eursc.eu