Me And My Body

Me And My Body Curriculum


I learn to know, use and control my body and to develop my spatial awareness, motor and sensory skills. I am getting to know about and becoming more responsible for my health, hygiene and safety.

During my time in Kindergarten I will have many opportunities to use all of my senses to actively explore the world and develop my imagination in dance, music, art and play.

There will be lots of time for me to play and learn inside and outside the school. I will get the chance to become good at moving, climbing, controlling and coordinating as I play.  I will have fun with my friends and teachers learning to use my body, my feet and my hands with more and more skill.  I will get to use lots of outdoor toys to ride on, throw, catch, climb on and build with.  I will be able to chase race, jump, balance, play on my own and begin to play with a partner or a group or team.

When I am busy and active I will be able to feel the changes that take place in my body.  I will be able to find out and talk about what helps to keep me fit and healthy and what food is good for me. I will learn to get my coat on or fasten my shoes so that I can look after myself.

I will use lots of tools for drawing, painting, cutting, woodwork, sewing, cooking, joining and dismantling as well as other equipment for building, threading, dressing dolls, creating tents, dens and structures and playing sport.