Me And The World

Me And The World Curriculum


I develop my linguistic competences and skills. I develop my reasoning and ability to organise my work. I begin to explore and understand the world. I think creatively.

During my time in Kindergarten I will become a confident and competent communicator:

I will be able to talk about what I want and how I feel and will have opportunities to express this through role play. I will be able to enjoy stories, poems, songs and rhymes, and will develop the ability to use language to describe past and present experiences and a sequence of events.  I will develop my ability to question experiences and events and supply logical explanations or predict what might happen next.

I will have the chance to talk imaginatively and retell stories in my own words. I will learn to speak to others in small and large groups and share my ideas and thoughts with them.  I will learn to listen to others and ask interesting and appropriate questions.

I will learn to follow a set of instructions and be able to answer “how” and “why” questions about my experiences.

Through handling books and sharing them with others, I will recognise that words tell stories and that the words I see in the world around me tell people something.

I will get the chance to see letters and words written down and to try and write them myself and use them when I play. I will learn the alphabetical sounds and through a mixture of speaking and listening I will start to hear the different sounds that make up a word.  I will apply this knowledge when looking at words in books and will begin to read and write words and captions.

To support my learning, I will have access to multisensory story sacks, matching word and picture games, bingo games and will have frequent opportunities to use the computer.  I will also take part in playing games from ‘Letters and Sounds’ and singing along with ‘Jolly Phonics’.

When preparing for Primary, I will have the chance to read, with the support of my teacher and in small groups on a regular basis.  I will have fun using words to talk, read and write.

During my time in Kindergarten I will find new ways of exploring and develop new skills of organisation and problem solving:

I will have many opportunities to choose what I would like to do, finding what I need, thinking of and acting on my own ideas and asking for help if I need it. I will learn how to make changes to my own designs and to follow the designs of others. Through disassembling and rebuilding I will find out how things work. My teachers will help me and my friends to discuss problems (maths or scientific) and explore what kinds of things help to solve them.

I will have the chance to sort and group objects or materials and explain why I have done this.  I will be able to play with lots of resources indoors and outdoors and make comparisons in things like height, weight, size and texture. I will be able to use words like under, over, on top, between and in front to tell where things are and to put things in order when I play.  I will have opportunities to build and make things with shapes and talk about what these shapes look like.

I will be able to use numbers when I play to count and match things to each other.  I will begin to learn about adding things together or taking them away.  I will learn to recognise numbers all around me and use them confidently in play and games.  I will start to be able to put events in order and think about what happens next during the day.  I will get the chance to notice patterns in lots of situations and have a go at making patterns myself.  I will get to use all I know about maths to solve practical problems.

During my time in Kindergarten I will become more curious and knowledgeable about the world:

Having plenty of time indoors and outside I will be able to look at and talk about objects, materials, living creatures and plant life, noticing lots of details and things that are the same or different.  I will be able to take part in explorations and investigations at all different times of the year in the classroom and in the outdoor environment giving me the chance to notice changes as time passes.

I will have the opportunity to make predictions, try things out and come to some conclusions and even give reasons as to why I think things happen.  I can share these discoveries with friends and sometimes I will record what I see and find out by drawing, writing or using a camera.

I can also find out about things we use every day in the home and at school as well as places and buildings in Europe, my home country and the area I live. I will become aware of how things were in the past (clothes, buildings, transport etc.) and be able to say how they are similar or different from things today.

I will be able to talk about special moments and events I have shared with my family and things I am looking forward to.  I will begin to know more about different people and their cultures, traditions and places in my community.