Me As A Person

Me As A Person Curriculum


I develop awareness of my identity. I am able to reflect and control my behaviour. I learn to recognise and express my feelings and emotions: I become more imaginative, creative and self-confident. I begin to understand and accept basic principles of morality and find my moral values.

During my time in Kindergarten I will get to know who I am and feel positive about myself. I will be developing my confidence and self-esteem, my ability to be assertive and stand up for my own rights or ask for adult support.

I will develop my independence in looking after myself and my things.

I will learn how to control my actions and reactions and become aware of how my behaviour can affect others. I will be given opportunities to develop my curiousity and will be interested and motivated to learn. I will develop my imagination and creativity through a variety of different activities: play, movement, art, music, maths, modern technology etc.

I will learn to be pleased with and proud of what I can do.

I will have the opportunity to express my own thoughts, ideas and feelings through drawing, painting, model making, woodwork and by using clay.  I will use lots of tools to see how they work and what they can do and will use natural and manmade materials to design and make my own creations, models and structures.

I will be able to explore colours, shapes and textures of flat and solid shapes using all of my senses.  I will get the opportunity to see interesting objects, pictures and people, feel different moods, taste a variety of flavours, smell an assortment of things and touch or hold things to see how they feel.

I will be able to listen to and make my own music, dance, sing songs and take part in imaginative role play with my friends.